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FORT WORTH, TX – June 25, 2010 – PDX, a leading pharmacy technology provider, and mscripts, a provider of mobile pharmacy technology, today announced the availability of an integrated offering that allows PDX pharmacy system users to communicate with their patients through a variety of mobile communication pathways using the mscripts platform.

By joining forces with mscripts, PDX now offers patients at more than 10,000 retail pharmacies the ability to manage their prescriptions and pharmacy relationship via mobile phones. This partnership brings to market the only commercially available integrated mobile communications platform for managing prescriptions and provides an innovative way for patients to communicate with their pharmacies through 2-way, interactive SMS messaging and full featured, branded mobile applications supporting a wide range of phones including iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, and Palm.

“This mobile platform allows PDX pharmacy system users to step to the forefront of innovation and customer service and to provide an immediate benefit to their patients,” said Mark Cullen, CEO of mscripts. “For patients, the service results in faster and easier prescription refills, better adherence, less time waiting, increased convenience, and a closer relationship with their pharmacy.”

The offering is completely integrated with the PDX Pharmacy System, allowing PDX pharmacy system users to make these services available to their patients on their mobile devices.

“PDX remains focused on delivering solutions and services our pharmacy partners require to remain competitive. We are committed to providing them with innovative technology that enables them to manage their pharmacy business effectively and profitably,” said Jeff Farris, CEO, PDX-Rx. “By partnering with mscripts, we are able to expand our offerings and provide our customers with an increasingly widespread means of transacting business with their patients and providing them with greater accessibility to their prescription information through text messaging and mobile applications.”

PDX is the most widely deployed pharmacy management technology, automating pharmacy operations, prescription processing, electronic pharmacy records, and centralized fulfillment. mscripts allows pharmacy patients to manage prescriptions and receive dosage reminders via SMS text message, mobile enabled web sites or mobile applications.

PDX and mscripts will provide further information and education through webinars to further promote the relationship and the newly available mscripts functionality.

About mscripts

mscriptsTM is the first comprehensive mobile solution designed specifically for pharmacies. mscripts enables a pharmacy's customer to manage his or her prescriptions and related health information directly from their mobile device. Customers benefit from increased convenience and control, and mscripts’ tools help improve adherence. The pharmacy benefits from increased customer loyalty, improved customer service, and increased pharmacy revenue.

Learn more at www.mscripts.com.

About PDX

Over 10,000 pharmacies across the U.S. benefit from technologies and services provided by PDX and affiliates Rx.com and NHIN. Located in Fort Worth, Texas, PDX continues to build on its 25+ year commitment to excellence in retail pharmacy and patient care. Its single-source, integrated solution is unmatched by any other single provider or group of technology providers and features the fast, intuitive, advanced Enterprise Pharmacy System—already the choice of 14 chains and one major managed care plan; the portable, interoperable Rx.com Electronic Pharmacy Record; industry-leading accounts receivable services from AbsoluteAR; store-based mail order and traditional central fill services from Rx.com; MTM/pharmaceutical manufacturer performance programs; electronic prescription technologies; and more.

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