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December 1, 2011 San Francisco, CA – PDX, a leading pharmacy technology provider, and mscripts, a leader in mobile pharmacy technology, today announced new features and integration points which allow existing PDX Classic and Enterprise Pharmacy System (EPS) customers to easily add mobile to their customer-facing offerings. The new features provide pharmacies with an outreach channel to improve their bin management and will-call services. Leveraging bin management notification capabilities in both the PDX Classic and EPS applications, pharmacies can now easily identify aging prescriptions and use the mscripts mobile application to remind customers that their medications are ready for pick up.
The integration between the bin management system within PDX and the mscripts mobile platform provides pharmacies with a sophisticated messaging sequence aimed at solving the problem of prescriptions that are not picked up and must be returned to stock.

"We are particularly excited about this set of features because it simultaneously addresses adherence, one of the core missions of mscripts, and gives our customers a powerful tool for managing the bin aging process," said Mark Cullen, CEO of mscripts. "This system is designed to reduce carrying and restocking costs and improve the rate at which patients pick up medications."

"Bin management is one of the most significant problems facing pharmacies today," Sergio Campos, CIO, Navarro Discount Pharmacy commented. "These tools will reduce pharmacists' work load, improve customer adherence, and allow pharmacists to spend more time with their patients."

75 percent of Americans do not take their medications as prescribed, leading to “an estimated 125,000 deaths and up to $300 billion dollars in healthcare costs each year.” Regular communication to patients is a major contributor to improved adherence—getting customers to pick up filled prescriptions is one big step along the way to increased compliance.

"This integration enables us to offer a compelling new service to our customers, aiding them in the effort to keep their patients healthy and manage their inventory efficiently." commented Jeff Farris, President and CEO of PDX. "The ability to communicate via mobile technology allows our pharmacy customers to stay at the forefront of innovative customer service."

About mscripts

mscriptsTM innovative technology allows patients to communicate with pharmacies through 2-way, interactive SMS messaging and full-featured, branded mobile applications natively supporting most mobile phones including iPhone, Black-Berry, Android, Windows Mobile 7, and others. mscripts targets adherence by addressing critical inefficiencies in the paper prescription process, improving the convenience and ease of filling prescriptions, and allowing pharmacy's customers to manage their related health information directly from their mobile devices. mscripts offers the industry’s most robust, full-featured mobile platform. The tight integration between mscripts and PDX allows pharmacies to implement quickly with minimal cost.

Learn more at www.mscripts.com.

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Thousands of pharmacies across the U.S. benefit from technologies provided by PDX® and affiliates Rx.com® and NHIN®. PDX continues to build on its 25+ year commitment to excellence in retail pharmacy and patient care. Its single-source, integrated solution is unmatched by any other single provider or group of technology providers. It features the fast, intuitive, and advanced Enterprise Pharmacy System—already the choice of 16 chains and one major managed care plan; the portable, interoperable Rx.com Electronic Pharmacy Record, which contains over 1 billion prescriptions and 78 million patients; industry-leading accounts receivable services from AbsoluteAR; store-based mail order and central fill services from Rx.com; pharmaceutical manufacturer performance programs; and more.

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