Pharmacy Advantage is pleased to announce the inauguration of mobile device application, Pharm Adv, powered by mscripts. This pharmacy solution is intended to improve patient access and convenience in obtaining prescribed medications.

TROY, MI & SAN FRANCISCO, CA (August 19, 2014) – Pharmacy Advantage is pleased to announce the inauguration of mobile device application, Pharm Adv, powered by mscripts. This pharmacy solution is intended to improve patient access and convenience in obtaining prescribed medications. It has been documented on a national level that health care technology has contributed to rising survival rates, productivity improvements and expanded longevity. Due to these positive therapeutic influences for patients and increased customer satisfaction, Pharmacy Advantage has embraced the digital revolution. Through the implementation of mscripts, a seamless system of communication between physician, pharmacy, and patient will be available. Utilization of this program will allow patients to scan/refill prescriptions, receive date shipped notification, be given dosage reminders, and access an overview of their medication records. Non-smartphone users will have an option to receive text messages, alerting them to drug therapy updates/status to avoid being excluded from the benefits this service affords.

“We view mscripts mobile application as an opportunity for patients to take on a more engaged role in their treatment and medication needs,” says Daniel Kus, B.S. Pharm, RPh., Vice President of Pharmacy Advantage Specialty Pharmacy. “Collaborative therapy management and employment of technological resources is the future of healthcare. This program encompasses the best of these two worlds, earning Pharmacy Advantage recognition for reaching the pinnacle of new industry standards.”

The new app, “Pharm Adv”, and its website,, operate on a secure network created by San Francisco-based leader in mobile pharmacy services, mscripts. The enterprise-grade program is the health platform for millions of direct, 2-way interactions between pharmacies and patients. Benefits stemming from routine usage of this feature include greater medication adherence and enhanced customer satisfaction. As a result of the combined faculties between McKesson’s EnterpriseRxTM pharmacy management system and mscripts, Pharmacy Advantage can extend a variety of mobile communication pathways to its customers. The easy-to-use application is available to download through Apple iTunes, the Android Market at no charge.

“As a leader in medication therapy management programs, Pharmacy Advantage is uniquely able to influence healthier outcomes for their patients through the use of mobile technology,” says Mark Cullen, CEO of mscripts. “The partnership between clinical support, pharmacy operations, and electronic data networks lead to significant improvements in medication adherence resulting in drastically decreased adverse effects/unnecessary hospitalizations in the patient population.”

About Pharmacy Advantage

Pharmacy Advantage Specialty Pharmacy is a Michigan-based organization that provides comprehensive care and tailored Medication Therapy Management Programs (MTM) to patients with acute and chronic conditions. Core programs presently offered include: Oncology, Hepatitis B and C, Multiple Sclerosis, Growth Hormone Deficiency, Fertility, Transplant, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn’s Disease and other Autoimmune Disorders. Incorporated services within the specialty programs are: free next-day prescription delivery, benefits investigation, financial assistance programs and clinical counseling (disease specific). Pharmacy Advantage is devoted to ensuring optimal therapeutic outcomes via drug specific algorithms to preserve a solid continuity of care structure. Our design encompasses systems to certify appropriate medication utilization, adherence, and routine preventative measures to limit adverse reactions. In light of persistent and confusing changes regarding the health care model, this highly-trained team continuously acts to increase customer satisfaction by means of furnishing paramount service with a personalized touch. Pharmacy Advantage: A healthy dose of compassion.

About mscripts

mscripts’ promotes patient adherence and engagement through their innovative, easy-to-use mobile and web health management platform. Pharmacy patients manage their prescriptions and health on their mobile phones through 2-way interactive SMS messaging and branded mobile applications, making refilling convenient and remembering to take medications easy. mscripts improves adherence by improving refill rates, providing education and health information, and applying advanced analytics to better understand patient behavior. Learn more at

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